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The Toystory Continues

As Remarkable Bull Breaks Through The Two Million Dose Barrier

World leading Holstein bull Toystory has smashed his second world record as he produces his two millionth dose of frozen semen. And at just 11 years old, dairy farmers look set to benefit from his genetics for many years to come.

Toystory (BW Marshall X Patron) became the most productive bull ever in May 2011 when he passed the previous record of 1.767 million semen units. The new two million dose milestone has been achieved in less than six and a half years as US A.I. centre CRI only started collecting his semen in November 2005.

“This new record is a testament to Toystory’s consistent ability to deliver the type of genetics that is demanded by dairy herds across the world,” says Nick Kirby, Managing Director of, who sell Toystory semen in the UK.

“What is so impressive is that the new record is for frozen semen. Past records have been for fresh semen which is much easier to process.”

“Time and time again, customers are impressed by the easy-to-manage cows that Toystory delivers. They comment on their ideal milking speed and calm temperament”.

There are nearly 75,000 Toystory proof daughters worldwide, with more than 400,000 daughters ‘on the ground’ in total, and he is a feature in many dairy herds across the UK.

Toystory plays an important role in the herds of dairy farmers Paul Greening and Dan Norris, who commend him for his consistency in delivering good calves and the temperament of his daughters.

Mr Greening of Waverbank Farm in Cumbria says: “Toystory is a very fertile bull; in fact I’d say he’s still the most fertile bull we are using.”

Meanwhile, at Sandy Hill Farm in Somerset, Mr Norris says this: “Toystory is a good all-rounder. His cows are very good milkers, but that’s balanced with a good temperament.”

Commenting on Toystory’s latest record, Doug Wilson of breeders CRI says:

“When you consider how many hundreds of thousands of bulls have entered the global A.I. industry in its 70 year history you appreciate what a remarkable achievement this is by Toystory. His success is partly due to his excellent genetics and the care of the team here, but it is primarily to the fact that he continues to deliver what farmers want – productive, healthy and contented cows.”

Mr Wilson believes that the latest genetic technology such as genetic evaluations based on the genomics of a bull and sexed semen might mean that Toystory’s record will never be beaten.

Looking to the future, Mr Kirby says:

“This is a story where we will be not saying ‘The End’ for some time yet. Because of his reputation, Toystory is still a major asset to any dairy herd and even though he has been joined by many great bulls in the past few years, he continues to more than hold his own. To celebrate this unique milestone we are offering Toystory semen at a special price of just £14 a straw as a feature of our latest Bull Book.”

The Toystory

Chapter 1: Born 7 May 2001. Full name Jenny-Lou Marshall Toystory. Dam Jenny-Lou Patron Toyanne. Sire BW Marshall. Bred by Wisconsin-based Cooperative Resources International (CRI) who had previously bred internationally popular bull Bell Rex.
Chapter 2: First semen doses collected in November 2005.
Chapter 3: Inimex Genetics began importing Toystory semen into the UK in 2006 and selling it to dairy farmers via in 2007.
Chapter 4: He produces one millionth semen unit on 10 June 2009 at just eight years old. He is one of the youngest bulls to pass the landmark.
Chapter 5: During 2010 Toystory produces 386,000 doses of semen. He is still in the top 100 of American bulls in early 2011, demonstrating his longevity and value.
Chapter 6: Toystory gains an international following. His semen has been sold across North, Central and South America and Europe, but is also popular in Japan, Korea, China, Russia and Pakistan.
Chapter 7: Toystory becomes the most productive bull ever in May 2011 when he delivers his 1,767,000th semen unit at just 10 years old. He beats the previous record set in the 1990s by Dutch bull Skalsumer Sunny Boy. Die-hard and Jacko, who also passed the 1.7 million dose mark, did so in 15 and 16 years respectively.
Chapter 8: In May 2012, just before his 11th birthday, Toystory becomes the first bull to produce two million semen units.

To be continued...


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