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CRI is based in Shawano, Wisconsin, and is a member-owned holding co-operative formed in 1993. At that time it was the first direct link in the United States between a dairy herd improvement (DHI) organisation, Wisconsin Dairy Herd Improvement Cooperative - now AgSource Cooperative Services - and a provider of artificial insemination - AI - services, 21st Century Genetics - now Genex Cooperative Inc.

In 2007, CRI joined forces with the leading French Cooperative Amelis. This has given them access to a wider range of DNA Profile bulls genomically tested.

Leading The Way

CRI are leader’s in the following areas:

  • Fertility Traits - both for Daughter Pregnancy Rates - DPR and Semen Fertility as measured by ERCR - Estimated Relative Conception Rate. This is scored as a percentage. Top bulls have a score of +5, which means they are 5% more likely to produce a calf than the average bull.
  • Elite Females from the Genesis Herd. This program develops elite females in a unbiased environment. These females are carefully mated, yielding the next generation of breed-leading bulls.
  • Sexed Semen. CRI were the first to introduce 75% sexed semen, which comparison to 90% sexed semen allows more product to survive with little damage. Therefore, allowing the better quality bull to be sexed while keeping prices low.
  • Genomic Selection. CRI were the first to genomic test 1000 bull calves, the first to genomic test females and the first to use genomic bulls as mating sires.

Mission Statement

Provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximise the profitability of member’s customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative.

Selection Goal

To provide a competitive group of active bulls, sampled at random, that will allow our members and customers to increase their profits.

Genetics & Product Philosophy
  • Produce efficient, profitable & long-lasting cows for customers
  • Primary emphasis on Net Merit
    • Combines production, longevity & mastitis resistance
    • Functional type versus "show type"
  • High-quality product – fertility High ranking within industry for ERCR

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Some CRI Bulls

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